Teater KEF – citations:

“Check out this delightful hour of what Fringe is like when at its best”

The Orlando Sentinel

“Experiencing a virtuoso trombonist fill the intimate Brown venue alone would be worth your Fringe bucks, but Elias Faingersh of Sweden’s Theater KEF’s adds lively storytelling and musical humor to his one-man show, A Solo From the Pit.”

Orlando Weekly

“His musicality is outstanding, his technical abilities are incredible… This artist is simply exceptional.”

Landskrona Posten

“It is impossible not to yell out “Bravo!” If you’ve missed the performances of Elias Faingersh,  you’ve missed the performances of a first-rate artist.”

Sundswall Tidning

“This performance shows that contemporary music can be at once playful and avant-garde driven with the help of modern music electronics.”

Sydsvenska Dagbladet

“This musical wizard and his magical trombone evoked the cheers and standing ovations of the Helsingborg public.”

The Helsingborg Dagbladet

“Elias Faingersh is an exceptional trombonist. In his music different musical forms – including classics, kleizmer and jazz. – are smoothly intertwined. On top of that, Elias is a remarkable actor who successfully combines dramatic art with standup comedy.”


“To say that Elias Faingersh plays the trombone is like saying that Serena Williams plays tennis.”

Susan Mitchell, The Orlando Sentinel

“A unique integrity of musical performance, face-to-face contact with the audience, and the images on the screen. The singing is in deep synthesis with the sounds of the instrument, the rhythm, which arises to mystical perception, contrasted with the humor of the show… This is truly a meditation.”

The Orel Press (Russia)

“There is an opinion that theater and cinema are irreconcilably conflicted with each other, yet in the solo show of the Swedish actor Elias Faingersh those two arts wonderfully coexist.”

The Vologda Press (Russia)

In this performance bitter lyricism peacefully cohabitates with reckless eccentricity. What unites the novellas is live music, which here becomes yet another character. The St. Petersburg «Vedomosti», Culture Section, Maria Kingisepp “A living work of art that hits the audience right in the solar plexus…”

Skanes Fria

“This is a most honest “storytelling” theater”